Session Organizers

Session 1: Bacterial Extracellular Electron Transfer
Conveners: Defeng Xing (Harbin Institute of Technology)
                   Shungui Zhou (Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China)
                   Pascal E. Saikaly (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)
Secretary: Dahong Chen (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Session 2: Omics and Synthesis Biology of Electroactive Biofilm 
Conveners: Hao Song (Tianjin University, China)
                   Guoping Sheng (USTC, China)
                   Shunichi Ishii (JAMSTEC, Japan)
Secretary: Feng Li (Tianjin University,

Session 3: Microbial Electrosynthesis of Value-added Products
Conveners: Tian Zhang (Wuhan University of Technology)
                   Kun Guo (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)
                   Eileen Hao Yu (Newcastle University, United Kingdom)
Secretary: Mengying Xu (Wuhan University of Technology,

Session 4: Nutrient Recovery using Microbial Electrochemical Systems
Conveners: Liping Huang (Dalian University of Science and Technology)
                   Xin Wang (Nankai University, China)
                   Bernardino Virdis (AWMC, Australia)
Secretary: Weifeng Kong (Dalian University of Science and Technology,

Session 5: Scaling-up of Microbial Electrochemical Systems
Conveners: Shaoan Cheng (Zhejiang University, China)
                   Zhen He (Washington University St. Louis, US)
                   Taeho Lee (Pusan National University, Korea)
Secretary: Tian Li (Nankai University,

Session 6: Bioelectrochemical Remediation of Contaminated Environment
Convener: Feng Zhao (Institute of Urban Environment, CAS, China)  
                 Zhiyong Ren (Princeton University,USA)
                 S Venkata Mohan (CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, India)
                 Swee Su Lim (The National University of Malaysia, Malaysia)
Secretary: Lixiang Chen (Institute of Urban Environment, CAS,

Session 7: Microbial Electrochemical Sensors
Conveners: Peng Liang (Tsinghua University)
                   How-Yong Ng (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
                   Yifeng Zhang (Technical University of Denmark)
Secretary: Xiang Qi (Tsinghua University,

Special session: Electro-bioremediation 
Convener: Korneel Rabaey (Ghent University, Belgium)

Important Dates
  • Deadline for abstract submission

    February 3, 2021

  • Abstract acceptance

    March 3, 2021

  • Early-bird deadline

    March 30, 2021

  • Conference

    May , 2021